Wilmington, NC



Emily graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Education and has been an Educator for over 15 years. She has been a licensed teacher working in both public and private schools in North Carolina, New York and Massachusetts which has afforded her exposure to the various techniques and educational philosophies of these areas. Her experience includes eleven years of classroom teaching and four years as Director of a Reggio Emilia inspired school in New York City. She is trained in the Reggio Emilia style of teaching and learning which focus on whole child learning and respecting the voice of the child.  Emily's passion for creative arts and their role in learning is the inspiration behind Willow CLC.


"The studio is a space for searching, for digging with one's own hands and one's own mind, and for refining one's own eyes, through the practice of visual arts."
​- Lella Gandini, et al

The studio is a gathering place for the image of the child to thrive. It is a place where the element of wonderment can be expressed in a truly meaningful way. At Willow Creative Learning Center, children will have the opportunity to dive deep into their imagination, senses and theories and present to the world what they are feeling within. 

In the Studio, you will find a degree of materials to foster children's creative development and provide an opportunity to research their ideas. Simple art supplies like crayons, markers, colored pencils, and paint will be available, along with more  complex materials such as pastels, clay, natural objects, recycled items, and collage materials. All are open freely on the shelves. Children will be encourage to create in new ways using light and shadow, music and movement, and through building and sculpting. 

Willow Creative Learning Center is also a cooperative learning environment centered around Early Childhood Education. If any artists, musicians, dancers, language educators or parents would like to share a special talent with children, please contact Emily.